High Paying Adsense CPC Countries 2019

High Paying Adsense CPC Countries

Google Adsense High CPC Country list
Google Adsense High CPC Country

The CPC meaning is cost per click.Those who work on Google Adsense, it is best to understand them.This is very important for Google Adsense users who show ads on YouTube or website.Google adsense how much doller pay to their ads for every click.Google Adsense's CPC depends largely on the traffic coming from the country.Google Adsense's CPC changes the country.And then Google adsense CPC depends on the niche of the website article.In this way, Google Adsense's CPC is basically set.In 2019, countries that have a lot of CPCs will tell you today.By doing so you can get those high CPC country traffic to your website , you will earn good from google adsense.And if you write an article on a topic, you will be able to discuss high-CPC advertisements on your website and give instructions.

Top 25 High CPC country :

       Country                                        CPC
-----------------------                         -----------------

  • USA (United States)                        $0.92
  • United Kingdom                              $0.85
  • Germany                                          $0.81
  • Australia                                          $0.78
  • Canada                                             $0.78
  • Netherlands                                      $0.77
  • Singapore                                         $0.73
  • France                                               $0.73
  • Austria                                              $0.62
  • New Zealand                                    $0.57
  • Ireland                                              $0.53
  • Sweden                                             $0.40
  • Finland                                             $0.40
  • Luxembourg                                     $0.39
  • Denmark                                           $0.32
  • Switzerland                                       $0.30
  • Belgium                                            $0.27
  • United Arab  Emirates                      $0.23    
  • Italy                                                   $0.19
  • Japan                                                 $0.19
  • South Korea                                      $0.19
  • U.S Virgin Island                              $0.17
  • Mexico                                              $0.13
  • Qatar                                                  $0.12
  • Poland                                                $0.12

I will collect all information my own Google Adsense account.For the last 15 days I have verified this information.By combining the last 15-day information, I have set up CPC Based Country CPC.
Due to the high click on advertisements on my website, the average CPC is now showing in the image.

Adsense High CPC Country Image
Adsense High CPC Country Image

Many times I received $13.87 in a few clicks.Again I got $ 0.56 dollars in a some click.Then Google takes it on average by a CPC.Accordingly, I gave your average CPC.Again, due to some clicks I got more dollars because of my high CPC article.There are many high CPC articles on my website, where Google High CPC ads show up.

Some High CPC Article :

Among the high CPC articles are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .I wrote mostly articles on my web site about SEO.If you are using keyword research tools, you can understand, how much amount of CPC you get when writing content on an article.If you search through SEO using keyword research tools, you will see, how high CPCs of SEO keywords are.

SEO High CPC Keyword
SEO High CPC Keyword

SEO High CPC Keyword
SEO High CPC Keyword

The only SEO article cpc is not that much.The CPCs of the content on the technology are always a little more.I tried to convince you just by using SEO keywords as an example.You can choose your article using Keyword Research Tools, and do a little harder to research, which keywords are more than CPCs.

A few days ago, I gave a free tool to do keyword research on my website, using the tools you can choose your niche.You can find my article in the SEO article on my website.You can use that tool to choose niche for your website.Because maximum best keyword research tools are premium.The tools I have provided are completely free.

Most Popular High CPC Keyword :

Car Insurance High CPC Keyword
Car Insurance High CPC Keyword

Car Insurance High CPC Keyword
Car Insurance High CPC Keyword

One of the high CPC keyword is Car Insurance.There are many insurance companies online, you can write articles on insurance.Because Google's ad articles are considered on the keywords, advertisements are displayed in front of the visitor.Depending on the keyword that you have used most frequently in your article, the advertisement will show in front of the visitor.

I hope friends everyone understand,If you have a any questions and need any help so comment please.Thank you so much for visiting my website.


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