How To Get 2Chekcout Merchant Account For Your E-Commerce or Drop Shipping Website

Get 2Chekcout Merchant Account For Your E-Commerce or Drop Shipping Website 

how to get merchant account for drop shipping website
Merchant Account

Today I will talk about how we can get a merchant account of 2checkout.But at first I have a little more detail about 2checkout. 2checkout is an online payment gateway service.By using which payment can be taken from any citizen of the world, in contrast to a product or service.Suppose you have an e-commerce store or a drop shipping store.Through which you are selling bags or any type of product.A customer from England wants to purchase a bag from your website.And its price is $ 90 dollars.This customer can purchase a bag from your website using MasterCard, Visa card or PayPal from your website.If your website has a 2checkout merchant account attached.The payment that the customer will make, the payment will be credited to your 2checkout merchant account.You can withdraw from any bank or payoneer account in the world within 3-4 days.If you use Payoneer master card will get you payment within 24 hours.

If you do a dropship, you receive payment through 2checkout,You can purchase again from Ali Express with payment withdraw from Payoneer.For those who want to sell products worldwide, 2checkout is one of the best options.

How can we get a 2checkout merchant account now?For this we have to make an application .At first go to the 2checkout website.Click here to go to the 2checkout website and click signup for free button.When you can click signup for free button ,you will see 3 plans.

  • 2SELL
  • 2SUBSCRIBE and

Better started with 2SELL initially.They will charge 3.5% + $ 0.35 for each of your sales.If there is a product sale, then you can make a payment in the to "check out option", and do not have to pay when the product is not sold.Moreover, submitting applications does not require submitting any kind of papers or documents.It will be better to start at the beginning of the 2sell, if the product is a good sale, then you will be able to upgrade to the other two planes.

Now you can click 2sell plans signup for free button,when you can click signup for free button you see a form,now fill out the form, your name , business email ,password ,website and select your country.When your form fill up complete ,then you can click Get started button.Then you will submit your application with the necessary information on the next step.Then 2checktout will review your website.And later they will give you confirmation by mail.

So friends,in this way you can apply for a 2checkout merchant account.I hope everyone understand,if you face any problem and need information,so comment please.Thank you for visiting our website.


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