Unlimited Free VPN Windows and Mac 2019

 Unlimited Free VPN Windows and Mac 2019

Hello friends,welcome to my another blog.Today I will talk about VPN, How do you use a free VPN. What is VPN? VPN meaning is Virtual Private Network. I'll tell you the most popular VPN, you will get unlimited IP on it.This is just for Windows.If you want to use it Mac and Android,you can add mac extension.The VPN name is SetUp VPN.This is a chrome extension. You can use this VPN on Google chrome and breve browser.

unlimited free vpn
Unlimited Free VPN 2019 - ping tech zone

How to use this VPN, I'll show you step by step in all the detail.Read carefully, and follow my steps.So friends let's do it.

At first add the extension SetUp VPN to your browser.Click here to add the extension.Then you can open your VPN extension.Now you will see login panel,Now you have to create an account. Go and create an account with your information.Don't worry, it's safe.

how to use setup vpn
Free Unlimited VPN - ping tech zone

When your account create complete.Now you will see login panel,now you have to need login, use your Gmail,And password options for input your account create time password (Note: Do not give your Gmail's original password).If you do not understand,so please follow this image below.

Unlimited free vpn
Unlimited free VPN - ping tech zone

Unlimited free vpn
Unlimited free vpn 2019 - ping tech zone

When your login successfully complete ,now you can see all VPN server,And there you will see three types of servers.

1.Free Server
2.Premium Server
3.Public Server

Because we want to use it for free, we will use free servers for this.You can get a better server at the free.On the free you will find a server like 40 IP (Internet Protocol).

Unlimited free vpn
Unlimited free VPN 2019 - www.pingtechzone.com

Now click on an IP you like.When you can click the IP ,and along with your original IP address will be hidden,you can see in this interface.See this image below.

Unlimited free vpn
Unlimited free vpn 2019 - ping tech zone

Now clicking on the IP lookup will see your virtual IP.Now if you want to disconnect VPN, you will disconnect by clicking on disconnect option.

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Thank You.


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