Top 3 Bitcoin Scamming Site Review - Must Read

Hello friends,welcome to my another blog.In the last blog I told you about Bitcoin's scam site, today I will tell you about more 3 Bitcoin sites, these sites are the most familiar .These sites are mainly managed from Panama, but their locations are USA, Canada or England. These sites offer you all-round offer. If you invest $ 500 then you get $ 1500 USD after 1 month.Actually, these sites will never pay you.Just to warn you I wrote about this scammer.

The 3 Scammer site list.


The first 2 of these 3 sites are the Bitcoin Invest Site and the third site is ethereum Invest Site.These sites will visit you to understand that these sites are the original scamming sites.These 3 sites are managed from Panama.

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In these sites, you can enter only one bitcoin wallet address. Then they will tell you to choose an offer and give their wallet address and you will need to pay the payment in that address.This way there is no evidence that you are paying them.Thus they embezzled millions of dollars from innocent people.Please do not invest in these sites.They have reviewed their sites with various types of Youtubers. In this way they promote their sites and betray the innocent people.Be careful to get rid of all these scams.Besides, they promote them through various types of Facebook groups and pages. So if you get such offer on Facebook or youtube anywhere, then you will be able to verify it first and then invest in it.Otherwise, your hard earned money will take some bad people.I will later tell you about some of the world's scamming facebook groups

And how do you know a site scam or legit?For this, we will use some websites, you can learn by using these sites,who site scamming or legit.

Visit this website click here. And search options you can type your site name,That site you want to check.And besides you can search btconline ,citybtc and minether review.You can get your answer. review review

Please friends do not invest in this three sites.If you face any problem so comment please.Thank You.

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