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One of the most important things for you blogging and affiliate marketing is choosing the niche.Today I will share with you the details of how to choose niche for blogging and affiliate marketing.Let me tell you about 20 viral niche for blogging and affiliates.This 20 viral niche will help you a lot in blogging and affiliate marketing. And your website will help rank the in search engine.

Q1: What is niche?
=>Write your articles on your topic or subject.The topic on which you publish articles on your website.

Q2: What are the ways to start the blogging and affiliate marketing?
=>Currently there are 2 ways to do blogging and affiliate marketing.

  • Website (Content Writing) and
  • YouTube (Video Content) 

Viral Niche idea For Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Viral Niche idea For Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

Niche Idea - 1 - (Recipe And Cooking) : If you love to cook, how to prepare different types of dishes, what is the whole process? You can write this as an article on your website.You can write about this topic on your website.All these cooking articles are very viral.You can do 2 things at once, first you will create a video for YouTube and write down the details of your website cooking process, then you will link your video to your website, get website traffic on one side and transfer that traffic to your YouTube channel.

Niche Idea - 2 - (Foods Review) : Another popular topic in the food industry is food reviews.These types of blogs usually review different types of food products.How is the quality of the food, where is available, how much is the price?This topic usually has to publish content.Can't find people who don't like food.You can work with this niche if you want.Recipes and cooking and food reviews are different things in the previous niche.The recipe and cooking niche will show you full food making process.But Food Review niche does not have to show you all foods making process, you just have to know the quality of the food, how much, where and where to get it, Google Map location will only be published.

Niche Idea - 3 - (Beginner Guides or How To) : These types of blogs usually have to write articles with different solutions.People search Google with different types of problems.If we search Google for example how to, you see Google is suggesting a lot of keywords.

Beginner Guide or How To
Beginner Guide or How To

Beginner Guide or How To
Beginner Guide or How To

That is, it is understood that people have searched through these keywords already.So you can write an article on people's issues on your blog.There are many people who are not using the computer, new computer users are facing various problems, you can write an article to solve this problem.

Niche Idea - 4 - (Product Review) : People use many products in everyday life.When a person wants to buy a product, they want to get an idea from online.What kind of product is a company selling in its budget?What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product.By reading these reviews he can decide which product is best for them.A product review blog can be started by picking any one or more products.So that readers can then make the right decision.If you visit Amazon and AliExpress websites, you can see that there are millions of products.

Viral Niche idea Product Review
Viral Niche idea Product Review

It is important to remember that no inaccurate information or inaccurate reviews can be given.Anything that has a good and bad effect, highlight two aspects, so that people's confidence in your website will be restored.

Niche Idea - 5 - (Breaking News) : You can publish news in the country and around the world.There was a time when people just read magazines.At the moment, people are more comfortable reading news online from magazines.Publish instant news on country and world as well as your website.You can publish domestic and foreign political news.

Niche Idea - 6 - (Travel City Guides) : There are no people who don't like travel.People like to hang out with their friends, girlfriends and family in hundreds of busy times.So blogging about travel niche can be done.What a beautiful place, at home and abroad, where people would love to travel.Publishing content on those issues.How will people travel there, what type of vehicle to travel by? How much money cost, hotel cost, food cost, passport immigration passing etc.People take ideas from online before traveling anywhere.So you share these things.This niche will be great choice for those who like to travel.

Niche Idea - 7 - (History) : Who does not like to hear and read stories?Everyone loves to read and hear stories.You can write local and foreign historical stories on your website.There are millions of histories around the world that you can write an article about.Stories can be written about the ancient and original history of many people, objects, and places in the country and abroad.

All these niche you can write content on your website.You can highlight the ancient history of your country and world.

Niche Idea - 8 - (Beauty And Fashion) : Beauty and Fashion this is a popular niche.All people want to present themselves beautifully.Every human being wants to know how to present themselves in a modern and beautiful way.So by creating a beauty blog, there are various beauty tips that can be shared.It can be skin care, hair care, anything.There are millions of products in this industry that can be discussed.You will find many websites online where you can get ideas of what kind of article they are writing.

Niche Idea - 9 - (Business And Entrepreneurship) : Most people today are taking entrepreneurship as their profession.When you look at the people to you friends, brothers or relative, you will find that many are running businesses through small, large enterprises.A large part of all these individuals become failures.Which is because there is no proper knowledge of the business.Knowledge of various issues is essential for managing a business organization.

Example :
  • Leadership
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Product Development
  • Business Rules
Not all of this knowledge is lost because most entrepreneurs fail. Don't get success.If you have a good knowledge of business then you have created a blog where you can share your knowledge in content form.So that new entrepreneurs can learn about business. And could make their business bigger.

Niche Idea - 10 - (Digital Marketing) : Digital marketing means promoting campaigns.How to increase the brand awareness of a company using the internet or their product services can be delivered to customers.These topics are primarily done through digital marketing.These topics are primarily done through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing :
  • Website
  • Business
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Management
  • eCommecrce

Niche Idea - 11 - (Blogging Tips) : There are millions of websites on the Internet, one website built on different things.Some publish technology news, some publish breaking news, some do food reviews and etc.People use their smart phones and computers to search the content of various blog websites, find helpful articles for their websites.As there is no obligation to start blogging, anyone can start blogging from any time.Write an article on what you know.Those beginners make a lot of mistakes when they start blogging, which is why they are not successful.So those who have a good idea about blogging can create a blog website and share tips for newcomers.

Blogging tips
Blogging tips

There are many websites on the internet where blogging tips are shared, you can also start with your ideas and start a blogging career.

Niche Idea - 12 - (Celebrity And Gossip News) : It is also a popular niche.Almost every human has a favorite star of the country.What those stars are doing, dating whom they are going to release on a new show.You can create a blog and write articles on all of these topics.For those who like to watch movies, this niche can play an important role.

Niche Idea - 13 - (Health Care) : Every human being has some kind of physical problem.So everyone is interested to know about it.Those who have ideas about medical science can create a healthcare website.Now you publish content about healthcare.And write content about health awareness.

Niche Idea - 14 - (Pets) : It is a popular and profitable niche.People raise different types of pets.

Example :
  • Dog
  • Cats
  • Pigeon
  • Pigs
  • Birds
  • Deer
  • Hen
  • Duck
  • etc
In the developed world, 80% of the people are raised by some kind of animal.Different food companies around these pets are selling different types of food products or health products.This can be done with a niche by selecting the marketing of pets.

Example :
  • Pets Foods
  • Pets health care
  • etc

Niche Idea - 15 - (Sports) : Finding people who don't like sports is daunting.Everyone likes a different types of game.If you start blogging about sports you will get a lot of traffic to your website.There you can publish content about the lifestyle of the players.Everyone loves to know about favorite players.Sports blogging can be the best choice for you.

Niche Idea - 16 - (Financial Advice) : There is no man who does not need money in life.Everyone needs money.You can create a financial website where you can share financial tips.You will share tips on how people can make money.There are thousands of ways to make money online or offline.There are many people who have no idea about these things.You can publish the content on your website on this topic.Remember one thing, how to earn a legitimate income.But never write content about making bad money and bad way.This is legally a crime.

From the points discussed above, you will need to select the micro niche.

For Example : 
  • Health Care For Men's and
  • Health Care For Women's
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Weight loss

There are every niche is a micro niche for health care industry.Another example of micro niche for pets.

  • Dog
  • Cat's 
  • Bird's
  • Horse
  • etc

There are many micro niche inside it.If you have an idea about all the micro niche then you can work with all the niche.Otherwise you can choose any single niche from micro niche.You can start working on the niche that you have a good idea and knowledge on within the above niche.


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