How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account For Blogspot Website

Get Approved Google Adsense Account For Blogspot Website

Google Adsense Approved For Website
Google Adsense Approved For Website

Blogging is the most popular source of income in the current time.If you can get your website approved in Google Adsense, you can earn a very good amount.Many blogger and affiliate marketer work together with two things.This makes it two sources of income.He is earning by blogging and affiliate marketing.Google Adsense does not accept websites for some reasons.They have community rules, if the rules do not follow, Google Adsense does not approve the website.Google Adsense is very easy to get approval.This is not a difficult issue.If you follow some common rules, you will easily get Google Adsense approval.Today I will share with you how you get Google Adsense approval on your website.

You have to be aware of some issues to get Google Adsense approval.Google Adsense rules if you can follow the rules, you can easily get Google Adsense approval.

Content Copyright : When you write content you will try to write it yourself.Copying content from any other website or blog can not be used on your website.If you copy any content, your website will never be approved by Google Adsense.However, you can copy 30% content from other websites, but the remaining 70% must be written to you.And content will try to write a minimum of 1000 words.The new blogger is always asked a question.

How many post are required to get Google Adsense approved on the website?
Ans : The answer is very easy.Many people say, 100 posts are needed to get Google Adsense approved.No, this is a misconception.If you have 20 content on your website, if your content are unique, then you can get your website approved in Google Adsense by only 20 contents.

Image Copyright : The images are used within the content of the website.You can not use any other website image on your website.When you use the image of another website on your website, Google will take the copyright of that image on your website.As a result, Google Adsense does not allow your website to be approved.

Violation Content : Violation Content is Basically, the content that is not within the Google Adsense rules, they are called Violation Content.If you wrote hacking related content on your website, then it violates Google Adsense rules.So hacking related content can not be written on your website.After that, many crack software publishes their website for bringing visitors to the website.No, it can not be done.Google Adsense rules are broken by the crack software sharing on the website.If you write this related content, delete it today on your website, otherwise leave the expectation of Google Adsense.

Movie Download : If you have downloaded a movie link to your website, then delete it.Because it breaches Google Adsense rules.Because this kind of content is attracting the user.So no such content can be shared on the website.

Now there is more work to get website Google Adsense approved, which is very important.You must have 3 pages on your website for getting approved on your website Google Adsense.If you do not have these 3 pages on your website, then your website will not be approved in Google Adsense.The three pages is About,Contact and Privacy Policy.

About : What types of content do you have published on your website, what is the category of your website?Write a nice description of your website.

Contact : You must provide your contact information on your website.You will share your information about how your website visitors will contact you.

Privacy Policy : Whether a visitor is actually harming them on your website, and whether you collect any information from them, all you need to do is write down the privacy policy page.If you have collect any information about them, then you must mention it in the privacy policy statement.

If the above 3 pages are on your website, then your website will be approved in Google Adsense.If you notice a little bit, then you can understand that there are 3 pages above all on the website.So to get Google Adsense approved, you must add the above 3 pages to your website.

If you follow the above rules, you can get 100% approval for your website in Google Adsense.Because I follow the above rules and get Google Adsense approval.I've shared all the information from my own experience.Many people send me mail and sms, how to get our website approved in Google Adsense.So today I shared my own experience.Many people are hesitant and frustrated, there are problems to understand, for them this content will be very helpful.I hope everyone understand,if you have any questions and face nay problem , so comment please.Thanks for visiting my website.


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