How To Delete Google Adsense Account

Delete Your Enabled Or Disabled Google Adsense Account

How to Delete Google Adsense Account
Delete Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense Account Delete Process : Google Adsense is the most trusted way to earn online.The Google Adsense account is compared to the golden deer.Google Adsense Account allows you to earn money by monetizing youtube, blog website and Android Apps.When Google adsense user doesn't follow Google adsense community guideline , then Google disables the Adsense account as a penalty.So it is very difficult to re-enable Google Adsense account when it's disabled.This requires creating a new Google Adsense account.If a user has two Google Adsense, Google will later disable two Google Adsense accounts.Before creating a new Google Adsense account, the old adsense account must be deleted.So friends,today I will show you how to delete your enabled or disabled google adsense account.Enabled and disabled Google Adsense account is deleted in the same way.

So friends,at first login your google account.Login with the Google Account that created your Adsense account.Now you can click above right side google account icon.When you can click google account icon you will see google account options.Now you click google account button.When you can click google account button , you will see left side "Payment & Subscriptions" options.Now you can click "Payment & Subscriptions" options.When you can click "Payment & Subscriptions" options,you will see google payment settings options.

how to delete google adsense account
Google Account

Now you click on the "Manage Payment Methods" option of the payment method option.

Google Payments And Subscriptions
Google Payments And Subscriptions

Google Manage Payment Methods
Google Manage Payment Methods

When you can click "Manage Payment Method" Options ,you will go to the google payments center.Now you can see your disabled Google Adsense account by clicking on the "Payment & Subscriptions" options.Now, to delete your disabled Google Adsense account, you have to click on the Settings option.After clicking on the settings option you will scroll down a little bit.After scroll down, you can see "Payment profile status" .You will now see "Payment profile status" below "close payment profile" options,now you can click "close payment profile" option.When you can click "close payment profile" option,you will see some Adsense Payment System Guidelines.

Now you can see below, Google is asking you a question.The question is : Why are you closing your payments profile?Now when you click on that question, you will see some options, now you can select an option from there.I will recommended you ,you can select this option:I had a bad experience with a seller.Select this option and click on the Continue button.When you can click continue button you will see a pop up window,and now you can click "close payments profile" button.When you can click "close payments profile" button , then your Google Adsense account will be deleted.After some time you will get a mail from Google.Google send Confirmation mail your Google Adsense Account has been 

So friends , I hope everyone understand,If you have any questions and face any problem,so comment please.Thank you so much for visiting my website.

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