How To Block Adult Content in My Computer Without Any Software Using OpenDNS

Block Adult Content in Your Computer Without Any Software Using OpenDNS

Adult Content Blocked

During online browsing, we have unexpectedly adult content or video coming in front of us.Which is very harmful for us.How do you block all the adult content and videos without using any software, today I will show you.How do you block all the adult content and videos without using any software , today I will show you.We will use Open DNS to block these adult content.Using this method, we will block all the adult content and videos.Even when accessing various websites, many adult advertisement content and videos comes in front of us, these adult content will not come in front of you anymore.This is very harmful for your child.If you are interested in this topic, today's content will help you in a great way.If you follow my methods for blocking adult contents, you can easily block adult contents.

For this at first search on google "opendns" ,  when you can search "opendns" , you see first search website "" .Now click on the opendns website.When you click on the website URL,then you go to the website,and you will see  some more feature.Now scroll down and go to the bottom.Now you will see "Consumer" feature.In the consumer features you will see learn more Options.Now click on the "Learn More" option.When you click "Learn More" options,you will go to the next page and you will see 4 plans.Two plan is free.So you will click on the OpenDNS Family Shield plan "Setup Guide" .When you click on the "Setup Guide" button , you will see two name servers. Please follow the image below.

When your above all step complete. Now open your computer "Network And Internet Settings" .When you can open your "Network And Internet Settings" , then you will see "wi-fi" options.Now you click on the "wi-fi" options. Then you see the right side,"Change Adapter option" options.

Now you can click on the "Change adapter option" options.When you click on the change adapter options you will see a pop-up window,and see only three options.Now you can click and select third wi-fi options,and click mouse right button.When you click on the mouse right button,you will see you will see Properties options.Now you can click on the Properties option.

When you click on the properties options,you will see a another po-up windows.Now you can see a lot of functions on you computer internet.Now you scroll down a little bit.Then you will see "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6)" options.Now remove the tick mark of  "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6)" options.

When your tick mark removing complete,now you scroll up a little bit.Then you will see "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)" options.Now select it and click properties button.

When you can click on the properties button , you will see a POP-UP button.

Now select second options of "Use the following DNS server addresses" and tick mark it.And copying the two nameserver and paste it here.And then click on the "OK" button.If you do not understand,so please following the image below.

Now close all window and open your browser and search any kind of adult keyword.See it will now block you.Now you can not learn and see any adult related content with your computer.Now safe your computer from all kinds of adult content.

I hope everyone understand,if you face any problem and you have any questions, so comment please.Thanks for visiting my website.


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