What is SEO?What Is One Page And Off Page SEO?

What is SEO?What is One Page And Off Page SEO?

Hello friends,Welcome to my website.Today we are learn,what is SEO?What does this work?SEO meaning - Search Engine Optimization.SEO means all the search engines know that you have a website.SEO we can do in two ways.One Page seo and off page seo.So now we will know how to seo one page and off page.

One Page SEO : What is meant by one page seo, think how to find your website in Google search engine. This is basically called one page seo.One page seo is fully connected with your website.One page seo inside.

Meta Title : The title of your content is called Meta Title.Keywords will be used in the title, so that users can find your content and the site when they search.

Meta Keyword : Meta Keyword is the niche of your website, which topics are related to a topic you are writing to readers.It will be done with the meta tag option of your website.

what is meta tag
SEO meta tag - www.pingtechzone.com

Meta Descriptions : In your website's search description, enter your niche related information, which is written and search by users in search engines.For this you have to write user friendly content.

Keyword Destiny : You have to do a lot of keyword research. Users can find your content if they search by using any keywords.There are many tools and extensions for doing keyword research, you can use them.

Submit Search Engine : Your website must be submitted to top search engines.Example : Google, Bing ,Baidu ,Yahoo ,Yandex ect search engine.You can find the tutorial on my website.How to submit my website with search engine(Please check seo menu).And which means your content will be indexed in search engine.When your content is indexed in search engines, user will find your content with search.

Off Page SEO : The off-page seo is meant to be back linked.Most of the top bloggers in the world were asked, what is the reason for doing good rankings in your website search engine?So everyone had the answer, creating more back links.The more you create the link, the more visitors you can get.Back link is the link to your website in the content of another website, talk to the admin of that website.When that content is viewed, the user will be able to visit your website's link, when the user visits your website, the page rank of your website will increase.You can write content as a guest writer. This will create your back link.The more users come to your website the more your website rank will increase.And the visitor is more likely to earn more.

So friends no more today,I hope everyone understand.If you have any questions and face any problem,so comment please.Thank you for visit and reading my content.

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