Website URL Blocked By Facebook? How to fix it? Share Any Blocked Website Link On Facebook .

Website URL Blocked By Facebook?Fix it and Share any Blocked Website Link on Facebook.

how to share any blocked website link with facebook
Website link blocked by facebook

Hello friends , welcome to my website.If Facebook blocks your own website link, how do you unblock it and appeal to Facebook.I will show you this today. How to share your website's blocked links, Facebook.Friends, there are some community guides in Facebook, who do not agree, Facebook punishes them according to their rules.Facebook's main source of income is advertising.
Different companies advertise their website on Facebook.This is the profit of Facebook and advertisers.If the advertiser does not advertise on Facebook, it will be a loss to Facebook.So now Facebook is not allowed to link to any website.If you follow the Facebook Community Guideline then you can understand.If you do not follow their community guidelines, Facebook will not let your website share the link.

website link sharing problem with facebook
Website Link Sharing Problem With Facebook

So today I will show you two ways, one is the best way to share the link on Facebook and how to appeal to link to block website by Facebook.Actually Facebook is doing it for our safety.Again due to this security of Facebook, many secure websites are being blocked.

To keep your website safe for Facebook, you will not share more than 10 links per month.Because if you do not follow this rule of Facebook in one month or two or three times, then Facebook will block your website link.You can share 15 links to your website on Facebook every month. But it would be better to share 10 links to stay safe.Then Facebook can not give you any strikes.

How to securely share your website link  to Facebook?Short your website link from a link shorter's website, then post it on Facebook. There will be less chance of strikes on your website.Popular link shortner website google link shortner and bitly link shortnet.You can use these website for you website link short.As a result your website 99% safe.Facebook do not block your website.

Now you might think, so do not show thumbnails of my website.Don't worry , Your website link and big thumbnails will certainly show up.If you look at it, you can see that the owners of different websites share this link on their website on Facebook.If you follow this method, your website link will not block facebook.

Another think,your website any link do not share any facebook page or group or comment sections.Because different groups and pages are on website link block option.As a result facebook blocked your website link.

How to appeal to Facebook for block website links?

Once the website is blocked, it can be possible re-unblocked.For this , you have to make an application to Facebook.How do you apply to Facebook, I will show you now.Please follow my step.Now you login to facebook.Click here and go to the facebook help center.When you can click the link,you will direct go to facebook help center.Now you will see lot of options.Now you can click fix a problem options.

how to share blocked website link with facebook
Photo Credit : Facebook

Now you will scroll down a little bit.After going down you will see "was this information helpful" → Yes or No option.Now you can click yes options.When you can click yes options,you will see , problem submit options.Now you have the problem, write it and click the Submit button.

how share blocked website link on facebook
Faceook Help Center

how to fix facebook blocked website link
Website Link blocked by facebook

If you want to use this applications ( Hello facebook,this is my own website,it's not a spam.Please active my website.Many times we review but not active my website many many problems on sharing link please active immediately.Thank you facebook.Website Link : www.example .com )

It can take up to 3 days or more to receive a reply once you submit your application.Until then you have to wait.In this way you can appeal your problem and solve all problems.

I hope every one understand.If you face any problem so comment please share the post your friends and thanks for visiting my website and read my content.

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