Gotranscript Part Time Data Entry Jobs At Home Make $100-$150 Per Hour

Gotranscript Data Entry Part Time Jobs At Home

Hello friends,welcome to my another blog.Today's topic is Data entry jobs from home,how to make money online with data entry jobs from homes.You can earn $1500- $3000 dollars per month by data entry jobs.So today I will tell you about the website, this website is 100% trusted website.Many big popular companies in the world trust this website.You have to do the job of those popular companies.The website name is gotranscript. Click Here to visit the website.We will work on this website.All popular companies on this website are advertised.

Gotranscript website payments per minute $ 0.72 USD.

You can earn $ 2.50 per minute. You work 1 hour per day, you can make $ 100- $ 150 dollars by typing.If you can give more time Then you will get more money.

So you have to signup first to work on this website.After signing up, you will login. Hope you can signup very easily.After logging in, you will be on their dashboard.Now you have to choose the job, what do you do.Here you get the kinds of jobs you can get. A short description about that you can be understood.

1.Audio Transcription : They will give you some audio, you will listen to them, and you will type the words in the audio. Type them in the submission.After submitting they will pay you. So you can work with it.

2.Video Transcriptions : They will give you some video, you will listen and watch to them, and you will type the words in the videos. Type them in the submission.After submitting they will pay you. So you can work with it.

3.Translation : They will give you different types of documents written in various languages.Suppose : You gave a document in Russian language, now you have to convert that document to English.In this way you will be documented in different languages of the world, you have to convert them into another language.I think this work will be easy for you.The present Google Translator is a very popular medium of transformation. Using this medium you can work very easily.

4.Foreign Subtitles : To do this, you have to do video editing. They will give you some videos and you have to create a subtitle for that video.This subtitle can be done in a variety of languages.

5. Captions : In this case you have to write different types of captions on the video.The type of captions that the buyer will tell you, you have to add the captions to their videos.

Captions jobs price per minutes.You can also do affiliate marketing here.

I hope everyone understand.If you do not understand,so comment please and send me a mail.And you have any question so please share our facebook page.

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