Make Professional Android Browser Apps Without Coding

 Make Professional Android Browser Apps Without Coding

Hello friends,how do you create a browser android apps without any coding, I will look at it today.Many of us try to create Android Apps, so we can not create professional level Android Apps. My today's blog is just for them.You do not have to learn any coding for creating this browser Android App.Without any coding, you can develop this Android browser app.You do not have any experience.We will create this browser android app from a website.The website name is appsgeyser. From this website you will be able to develop professional level Android browser apps for free.You can design your app as you wish.You can add 28 websites to this browser.Moreover, you can set your location and weather.Users can also select their own location. And the weather in that location will be displayed automatically.You can publish this application to Google Play Store.And by monetize your apps you can earn through Google Adsense. So friend's let's go and make you own android browser apps.

At first open your favorite browser and click here to go to the appsgeyser website.Then you sign in on the appsgeyser website.When you sign in appsgeyser website,you will see Create your first app now options,now you can click Create Now Options.When you click on the create now option, you can see what apps you can create from this website, you can see the demo of all apps.Then you can click on the browser demo from there.Because today we will create browser apps.

When you will click browser options,you will go new page,and see some guideline.

Now you can click next button,when you click next button,you will see apps customization options,now you can customize your android browser.

Now in this way you can add your all favorite website.When your all link added complete,you can click next options.When you can click next options,you will see new feature.Now select your apps design,color,background etc.

When your all design complete,you can click next button.When you can click next button,you will see Appearance Settings options,Now customize your settings.In this settings you will see tool bar style,tool bar position and navigation drawer,so choose you style and the default will be enable status bar,full screen mode enable search options.When your settings customization complete,you can click next button.

When you can click next button, you will see App name options,now write your app name and click next button.

When you click next button,you will see description options,now Write something about your apps.Then you can click next button.

When you click next button,you will see icon options,now upload your apps logo.Then click next button,when you click next button,you will see create options,now you can click Create button.When you click the create button, your app will start creating,some times need apps creating,when your apps creating complete,you can go your dashboard,monetize and download your own apps.

Now  go to your google adsense - admob account and create a add unit,when your ads unit create complete,you can click monetize options,you will see some feature.So you can follow step -4 Add your app and create ad units,this options.Now Paste your ads unit Small banner and Interstitial id black box and click Save Ad Units button.

When your ads unit paste complete,you can click "Save Ad Unites" button.Then download your android apps and published app store.In this way you can make android browser apps and now install you own apps and make start money with google adsense.

So friends,no more more today,thanks for visiting and reading my content,If you face any problem and do you any questions?So comment please.

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