How To Change Google Adsense Gmail

How To Change Google Adsense Gmail

Hello friends,Welcome to my another blog,today I will show how to change our Google Adsense gmail.Many times Google Adsense needs to change gmail for security.So friends,today we are know ,how to change our Google Adsense mail or how to add new mail our Google Adsense account.So friends let's go.

At first open you favorite browser and login you gmail account,then login your Google Adsense account.When you login you Google Adsense account,you will see that feature.Please see the image below.

Now you can click account option,when you click account options,you can see your Adsense settings options,now you can click settings options.When you click settings options,you will see Access And Authorization options.Now you can click Access and Authorization options.When you click Access and Authorization options ,you can see a user management options,now you can click User Management option.When you can click User Managerment options,you will see new gmail add box.Now you can enter you new gmail,that you want to add your Google Adsense account. When you can add your new gmail,now you can click invite options.

how to change google adsense account mail
Google Adsense

how to change google adsense mail
Google Adsense

When you click invite button,Then your email will be added to your Google Adsense account.Then you can mark administrator button.Now your new Google Adsense gmail is pending.

how to make money google adsense
Google Adsense

Now go to your new gmail account,and open you new gmail account inbox.Google Adsense has sent you a mail, open it.Please follow the image below.

how to earn money google adsense
Google Adsense Mail

When you can click visit this link options,then you new gmail successfully added you adsense account,now open your google adsense account and remove your old gmail account.

how to change google adsense gmail
Google Adsense Gmail Changing

In this way you can change your google adsense gmail.So friends,no more today.If you face any problem in this step,so comment please and send me a mail.

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Thank you.

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