How Much Dollar Pay Google With Content Creators,How Many Views?How Adsense Works?

How Much Dollar Pay Google With Content Creators,How Many Views?How Adsense Works?

Hello friends,welcome to my another blog.Today's topic is Google Adsense full guide line for beginners and google adsense working system.How does Google Adsense work, what are the benefits of this company?How much money Google Adsense paying for how many views on YouTube / website?What is hosted and non-hosted adsense?How much money pay for youtube subscribers?Today we will know about this topic.If you are interested in Google Adsense, today's topic is for you.

How Adsense Work : Friends, first we understand the main concept of the Google Adsense program?There are two main parts of Google Adsense.

google adsense working system
Google Working System -

  • Advertiser >Company>Brands>Service etc.
  • Publisher>Youtube>Website>Apps

Advertisers are different companies or brands.The promotion of the products of these companies, is promoted through Google.Google promotes these products through youtube,websites and apps.You see that advertise on websites or youtube or apps that are promoted through Google Adsense.

And publishers are content creators.They are content creator on youtube or website, and apps developers develop apps.This way Google Adsense works.The advertiser gave Google $500 for advertising, 49% left Google, and the rest 51% contributed to the content creators.You can also work with Google Adsense as a publisher and advertiser.

How much Dollar Pay Google With Content Creators,How Many Views? :- Google focuses on some issues, making money for content creators.Do not depend content views.Depends on location and content quality.Yes it is just that view is needed.But the location is the main factor.If you are a YouTube video viewer from Europe and USA, you can earn more income.In comparative Asia, the CPC is less Europe and USA than that.The CPC is very much in Europe and America,$ 700- $ 1000 is available in 1 million views and asia $250-$300 . Moreover, if you create advertiser friendly content, you can earn a lot more. Even if the view is low.Suppose,you have a youtube channel and you content topic is travel.You publish content on various hotels, restaurants and resorts and traveling.Now you will get sponsors from different companies, so your Earnings will be much more.

What is Hosted And Non-Hosted Adsense : The Google Adsense you see for youtube, it is a hosted google adsense.The AdSense account for the website tells him that the non-hosted Adsense account.Both are part of Google Adsense.The ads that you see inside the Android apps are Google Adsense ads.Maintenance is done through Google Admob account.You can manage (Youtube,Website and apps) these things through a one Google Adsense.You do not have to open a separate account for this.It is very easy to get approved in the Hosted Adsense account, you can upload some landscapes from your home and upload it to youtube channel. If you apply for Adsense then your Adsense account will be approved.It's very easy.Non-Hosted Adsense for Website.You will have to look into some issues to get approval for the website.All the contents of your website will be yours.Can not copy from any other website content.Even you can not copy any photos any other website.However, you can copy 30% of content, within your other content.But the remaining 70% of the text should be yours.You will publish 15-20 Content initially, that can be a review of the product / way that you know.Then you can apply for Google Adsense.

How much money pay for youtube subscribers : We all have a misconception that Google Adsense separately makes payment to content creators for subscribe.Google Adsense does not make any payments to content creators for subscribe.If you have a lot of subscribers then your video will have a lot of views, the more views you can get, the more you can earn.Subscribers is a very big factor of youtubers.

So friends , I hope everyone understand.You have a any question so comment please and share your problem our facebook page.

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