Fix Your Google Search Console Webmaster Tools Website Content Index Coverage Issues

Fix Your Google Search Console Webmaster Tools Website Content Index Coverage Issues

Hello friends,welcome to my website.We are submit our web site to Google Webmaster Tools to get a good visitor for ranking on our website Google search engine.After submitting our website to Google search engine, all the links on our website are indexed. After a few days of indexing the content of the website, we see a message in our Google Webmaster Tools.

Google search console coverage problem
Google search console coverage problem

Google's message is written (Some fixes failed for Coverage issues on site https://www.example .com ) .We see this kind of message.Because of which many of us feel tension.We are very upset about this problem.Many people try to solve problems with different SEO experts.Spends $ 200- $ 500 dollars.Because of the fact that you can not understand, you are spending so much money.

So friends, this is not a problem.It will not affect your website ranking.This problem face is for all websites owners.The coverage issue is that Google's robots can not index some pages.Can not index your pages. But Google search engines can index your content.That is the main thing.

If Google search engine fails to index any content on your website, you must solve that problem.If you do not have any content index on Google search engine, then a user will not be able to find your content by searching Google.This will cause your seo to fail.And do not rank your website and content in Google search engine.But coverage problems do not have any problems.There is no reason to worry about it.

how to fix website coverage issue
Website Coverage issue 

If you see an error inside the red box after going to the Coverage Options page of your Google Webmaster Tools, then you have to fix it.It is not a problem that the remaining red boxes right side boxes will have errors.Do you follow, whether there is an error in your red box.

how to fix google webmaster coverage problem
Google webmaster coverage problem

You just see if the contents of your website are indexed.If there is no content index on the website Google search engine, Google search engine robots can not index your content due to any problem . Then you have to solve this problem.

So friends,I hope everyone understand the website coverage issue.There is nothing to get bothered about this problem.If this is the problem and your website will rank Google search engine, there will be no problem for this.It will not be a problem to rank your website.

So friends no more today.If you face any problem,so comment please.Thank you so much for visiting and read my content.Thanks a lot.

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