Make A Professional Logo For Free In Just 5 Minutes

Make A Professional Logo For Free In Just 5 Minutes

Hello friends welcome to my website.Today I will show you how to design a professional logo for your business.You do not need any experience for this.We often require different kinds of logo designs for companies or facebook pages or other social media.For this, we design the logo with $ 100- $ 200 dollars from different establishments or online market place.If we knew Photoshop itself, then we would not have needed to design our logo by spending money. And we could design our own choices.Don't worry You do not have to learn Photoshop.Today I will introduce you to a website, you can easily create your favorite logo on your own.'

how to design professional logo
Professional Logo Design

The website name is snappa. From this website you can easily design your favorite logo.This is a free website.From now on you can design logo for free.From this website you can design below.

Social Media Post :

  • Facebook Post
  • Instagram Post
  • Linkedin Post
  • Instagram story
  • Pinterest Pin
  • Twitter Post and
  • Youtube Thumbnail design.

Blogging And Infographics :

  • Blog Featured Image
  • Infographic
  • Ebook Cover

Headers :

  • Facebook Cover
  • Facebook Group Cover
  • Facebook Page Logo
  • Facebook Page Cover
  • Facebook Event Cover
  • SoundCloud Cover
  • Twitch Cover Image
  • Twitch Offline Banner
  • Twitter Header
  • Youtube Channel Art
  • Youtube End Screen
  • Email Header

Social And Display Ads :

  • Facebook Ad (Link)
  • Facebook Ad (Carousel)
  • Medium Rectangle Ad
  • Rectangle Ad
  • Leaderboard Ad
  • Wide Skyscraper Ad
  • Filmstarip Ads
  • Push Down Ad
  • Billboard Ads

So friends,at first login this website.When your login complete.Then you will get options to create the above designs, then you will select the option you need.Now you can size your logo, then you click the create button.

How make professional logo with snappa
Snappa Logo Design

When you can click create button,you will see logo customization all tools.Don't worry It is very easy to use all the tools.Now you click the toggle grid button.

how to make free professional logo
Logo Design

Now you can take different types of designs from Shapes.Now I've taken a round shapes.

how design logo free
Logo design

You can change the color if you want.Select the image and see left side and change shapes color.You can now take text from now, get graphics, find all the tools you need to create a logo.You can find the graphics required by searching.

graphics design
Choose Your Graphics Image

When your logo design is complete, you will remove mark the check mark of the toogle grid options. Then Click Save options and download your logo.

how to make creative logo
Creative Logo Design

In this way you can make professional logo.It's very easy and simple.This site is new.For a few days to design a logo from this website you will have to pay $ 10 a month.Make the logo for the website now without delay.

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