Create high quality do follow backlink free online backlink generator tools and off page seo techniques

Create High Quality Do-Follow Backlink And Off Page SEO Techniques

backlink generate tools
High Quality Backlink Generate Tools

Websites need to be SEO for Google Ranking , the website seo will be as good as the traffic on the website will be more.Backlink Generator is a part of website SEO.The more backlinks your website will have, the better your website will rank.And there will be lots of traffic on your website.So friends , today's topic is " Free online backlink generator tools do follow backlink site off page seo techniques " .Today I will show you how to make do follow backlink.And where do you get this do follow backlink?How do I use this technique? Today I will share with you the whole secret tips.And how do you rank your website using these secret tips?If you interest this off page do follow backlink technique.So this content very help you.

At first open your browser and search "drop my link" keyword.When you search by "drop my keyword" .You will see lot of free backlink create website.Now go to the first website.And make free account and share your website and website's content all link.Please see the image below.

how to generate do follow backlink
High Quality Backlink Generate

Then whenever you click on the link, you will see "Signup For Free Account " button.Now you can click "Signup For Free Account " button options.Then you will see the email submission options, now you submit your email.By submitting an email, you click on the signup button.You will then see a password options. Now you will get the password and click complete "Signup" button.When your Signup complete,now you will need Sign in , now sign in drop your link website.

When you " login drop your link " website,you will see 5 options and search box options.


Any Time : In this option you will see 4 options.

      1.Any Time
      2.Past Week
      3.Past Month
      4.Past Year
This means that you want to search any time / month / year website.I recommended you can use default "Any Time" options.

10 Result : In this options you will see 3 options.

        1.10 Result
        2.20 Result 
        3.30 Result

You want to see how many websites you search.I recommended you can use 30 result.

Any TLD : Any TLD meanning-Top Level Domain.I recommended you can use it default.

Category : The 4th options is category.This means where you need backlink from.

      1.Blog Platform
      2.Comment backlink
      3.Forum backlink
      4.Guest posts
      5.Link Roundups
      6.Sponsor/Donations Links

In this options you will see.If you want to need comment backlink,you can select comment backlinks options.

Footprint :The 5th option is footprint.Now you will see five options.

   1.Comment Luv Premium
   2.Do-follow comments
   3.Intense Debet

I recommended,you can use do follow comment options.Now you will search your niche related keyword in the search box.If your website niche is tech related, then you will be able to search with tech related keywords or your website niche is food or travel related,then you will be able to search with food or travel related keyword.When you click on the search button by entering the tech keyword, you will see 30 tech related websites.

Now you have to create backlink from here, all the websites from here can not give you comment backlink.There are many website owners who have approved the comments, and many others approve it after 2-3 days.For this, you need to research these websites.

Now you can open 2 or 3 website from 30 websites you have searched.And copy the website link by opening the website.Now check the website's spam scores.Click here to check website spam score.To create a website backlink, you must check the DA,PA and spam scores for that website.If a website is spam, then it is better to not create backlink on the website.This way you can check spam scores on the website.The more research you can make, the better you can create high quality backlink.

So friends in this way you can make high quality backlink.This is how I create backlinks for my website.You can also use this technique.So friends,if you face any problem or you have a any question , so comment please.Thank you for visiting my website.


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