Capture Your Website Visitor Email For Free And Start Email Marketing

Capture Your Website Visitor Email For Free And Start Email Marketing

Hello friends,welcome to my website.Today's topic is how to capture emails of our website visitors for free.So friends, I gave you some information on the last blog, how do you collect email from your website visitors using any website.And how to bring a lot of visitors to your website.And how to sell your affiliate product.We discussed these important issues.By using the hellobar website today, you will collect the e-mails of the visitors who come to your website, show their processes.

So friends can visit different types of websites at different times and see a popup window, and request to submit your email.So it is called email marketing.They collect email from users using this method.And later the details of the affiliate products were mailed to them.This way they come to visit their website.You can bring Visitors to your website by following this procedure.

So friends at first go the hellobar website and submit you website link and login this site and make account.Click here to got the hellobar website.When your login complete you will go the hellobar website.Now you can need hellobar tools install of your website,now you can select popup window options.When you can click pop up window options,and then you will get a page and there you will write your message.Users will see the message.And below are email submission options.When you scroll down my website, you can see an email submissions pop-up window, also show a similar window on your website.When you message write complete,now you can click Save and Published button.When you can click save and published button,you will get a java script code ,now paste this java script code on your website <head> paste here </head> sections.When you can paste the code your website,the hellobar tools automatically installed your website,now visit your website and check it.

This way you can use hellobar on your website.And how many unique visitors are coming to your website, that too you can see from the hallobar website.Moreover hellobar website allows you to use fries, if you want to use premium, your desire.

I hope friends everyone understand,If you face any problem and any questions,so comment please.Thank you so much for visit my website.

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