Without Coding Make Professional Pedometer Android Apps

Without Coding Make Professional Pedometer Android Apps and Make Money Google Adsense

Hello friends,welcome to my website.Today we will learn how to make Pedometer Android Apps without any coding.You do not need to know any programming languages ​​in order to create Android applications.Generally, Java or Java Script Language is needed to develop an Android application.So we will not use any coding, to develop this Android Apps.And you can earn from this Pedometer Android Apps through Google Adsense.You can earn a lot of money by publishing the application to Google Play Store.

how to create android apps without coding
Make Pedometer Android Apps

You may have questions about how to create android applications without any coding? Moreover, it will be the professional level of Android applications.Yes friends will be a professional level app.I have shown some of my previous content, professional browser and messenger apps development.If you are interested in Android Apps development and Google Adsense , this content is for you.So friends let's start and make Pedometer android apps without coding and make money with google adsense.

So friends,We will use a website to make a Pedometer Android App. From the website we will develop the application.Through this website, we will create the Pedometer android application without any coding.The website name is AppsGeyser.I hope Everyone can easily login.When you login appsgeyser website you will see Create App options,now you can click Create App options.

When you click Create App button,you will see all apps demo,now you can select and click Pedometer demo apps.

When you click Pedometer demo apps , you will go to the next step and you see template descriptions and some instructions.

When you can click Next button , you will see Main theme editing options,now upload your background image (1080*1920 must be ) and choose your background color and text color.When your theme editing complete,now you can click Next button.

When you click Next button,now you will see Article list options.Now let's link to some tips related to fitness and mention what the name is about.You can also link to your blog content if you want.However, content must be related to physical fitness.When your all data input complete,now you can click Next button.

When you click Next button,now you will see Appearance Customization options,now select your Navigation widget type , layout type, colors and etc as your choice.

When your all customization and  design complete now you can click Next button.When you click next button,you will see Achieve List options.Now you give Achievement locked background image.Image size must be 150*150 pixel . Then input your achievement name and achievements descriptions.Then upload achievement image (150*150 must be).And write your achievements name,descriptions,add achievements image (Must be 150*150),select count step way and achievements value .When your customization complete.Then click Next button.When you can click Next button, you will see apps name options,now write your apps name.

When You click Next button you will see description box,now write you applications about,then you can click next button,when you can click next button,you will see apps icon options,now upload your apps logo or icon.

When your logo upload complete,now you can click next button,when you click next button,you will see Create App button,now you can need click to Create Apps button,when you can click Create Apps button,Then your application will be created.

Now  go to your google adsense - admob account and create a add unit,when your ads unit create complete,you can click monetize options,you will see some feature.So you can follow step -4 Add your app and create ad units,this options.Now Paste your ads unit Small banner and Interstitial id black box and click Save Ad Units button.

When your ads unit paste complete,you can click "Save Ad Unites" button.Then download your android apps and published app store.Now download your apps and install it your mobile.

So friends in this way you can make a professional android pedometer apps without coding.Now published your android apps with google play store and make lot of money through google adsense.

I hope everyone understand,If you face any problem in this step,so comment please,I will fix your problem and thank you for visiting and read my content.

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