Why is My Youtube Subscriber Number Decreasing Everyday?

Fix Your Youtube Subscriber Number Decreasing Problem

Hello guys,Welcome to my another blog,today we are discuss why is my subscriber number decreasing everyday from youtube. Subscribers are an important thing for youtube content creator users who work. The more youtube subscribers, the greater the number of views in their videos. As a result, his income is much higher.But for some reason our YouTube channel subscriptions are decreasing. But why and for what reason our subscribers are declining? We will know today what the reason behind it.Do you know? youtube refreshes our channel after a few days.And youtube remove two types of subscribers from your channel.

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Type-1: Sub for Sub This means that the subscribers who subscribe to your channel and never come back your channel.( Example : You have promoted your channel on a third party website. They bought a subscription from buy them.

Type - 2: Youtube channel has been suspended by those who subscribe to your channel, so youtube has removed them.

But if your subscriber decreases every day,There can be two reasons for this.Maybe your current content is not liked by them, which is why they are unsubscribed your channel manually.And second reason is the mistake you see means that the setting you are seeing from here is the last 28 days.That means here one day is added another day.

I hope everyone understand.If you face any problem so comment please and like our page.Thank You.


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