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                                       WEBSITE SPEED TEST

Hello guys,welcome to my another blog.How do we test the speed of our website, it is for today.It is very important to check the speed of the website, because it is very important to know how much our website has the capability to store.You can test the internet speed of any websites. This website can know how fast its server, all kinds of information you can find.

So, we will use a two website to test the website's speed, using this website, we can easily test the speed of our website.Click here to check you website speed.You can see some such interface after visiting the website.You will find links to your website in the red marked place.Then you can verified captcha,and click to "START TEST" button.

After some time you have to wait,And you will see something like that.

Once your website's speed is checked, you will get all the information.

What kind of speed in the country will show at the speed, know all information.

Now we will use another website to test the speed of our website.Click here to check your website speed.When you will visit the website,you will see some interface.And paste your website url. And select what area you want to check your website's speed.

Then you click on the Start Test button.

When your website scan complete,you can see your website all information.See this image below.

This way you can test your website speed.I hope you can understand.If you face any problem,in this step.So comment please and share you problem our facebook page and personal mail me, Gmail : . Thank You.

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