How to Disabled Or Enabled Windows Defender

Hello guys,Welcome to my another blog.Today i will talk you windows defender security system and how to Disabled or Enable it.

Windows defender is a anti malware component of Microsoft Windows.This component very powerfull and 100% secure your computer device.And hacker did't hack your pc.

Example: Suppose your friends give you some software on pendrive,but you don't know this pendrive softwares one files is spy/keylogger/malware,when your friends pendrive you can connect your computer USB port,then as well as a alert message show you windows defender.And windows defender will delete that virus.

Windows defender logo

Sometimes you can download any crack software or tools,you
know this is not a virus/malware but windows defender know it, that is virus/malware,And windows defender remove the crack software.

Then this time we need to stop Windows Defender.So let's go how to disabled windows defender anti virus protection.If you can know how to disabled it,then you can enable it later.

So i hope you can understand windows defender security system.So,Follow my steps.............

Step-1 : Go to your computer search options.And wright gpedit(edit group policy) and search it,then click "edit group policy" .(Note : If you do not understand,so please follow this image) 



Step-2 :When you can click "Edit group policy",then showing you a new window,then Click Computer Configuration>>Administrator Templates>>Windows Components.(Note : If you do not understand so please follow this image)

Administrator Components

Step-3: Then see you a new window,you can click " Windows defender Antivirus Options" .

Windows Defender Antivirus

Step-4: Then this steps see you a another new window and Double click with "Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus options".

Windows Defender Antivirus

Step-5: This Steps see you three options

  • Not Configured
  • Enabled
  • Disabled   
You can choose Disabled Options,if you want to next time need to enable windows defender,so you can follow same steps and enable it's again.    


Ok guys,So you can complete all process successfully ,then press "OK " Button.

Windows Defender Antivirus

Step-6: Ok,we are successfully disabled windows defender Antivirus Protections.

Windows defender Antivirus

Step-7: Now Click "Show hidden icons" options

hidden icons

Step-8: Now click "Options Needed " icon .

options needed icon

Step-9: Now see you a new window and click  " Virus & Threat protections " Optins.Don't click Restart options. 

virus and threat protections

Step-10: Now Click this steps "Virus and threat protections settings" .

Virus and Threat Protections Setings

Step-11: Now this steps your work is disable all virus protections.

Windows defender virus protections


Disable Windows defender virus protections

Ok Guys,I am trying to explain as much as possible.If you can face any problem,so comment please,and join our facebook group and like our page.Thank You.


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