Convert Your Website To Android Apps Without Coding

             Convert your website to Android Apps

Today I will show you how to create an Android App, without any programming skill.Most of us have websites or youtube channels. So we have to convert our website into Android Apps,then we are using some marketplace,, from these sites through freelancers. So how do we create Android Apps for our website, for that today and to put the whole process in front of you.So for this we will use a website.With this website you can easily convert your website into Android Apps.This is a free website, you do not have to pay a dollar to them.So Guys Let's start.

how to convert website to android apps
Android Apps

Visit this website to create Android Apps>Click Here. Now you can see three options.In the first option, you will see, now remove the link and paste your website link.

Now this step you can see app title option with step-2 ,enter your website name here.Then this step you can see icon options,now you can upload your website logo/you favorite logo/icon.Now you can click show Advanced Settings.If you do not understand,so please follow this image.

how to convert website to android apps
android apps making

Now you can see, the screen orientation options, these options will be the default.Then you will see the Welcome Screen.This means that if you open your website, the user will see it, you can sort it in your mind.

Then next step you can see Network Error steps.This means that if you do not have internet, no one can access your website.Keep it the default,do not change.If you want to change,no problem.

Then this step you can see exit screen.Write your mind ,That's what you want your user to see.

Now in this step you can see off site link.This is the default.

When you click create my app options, you will be taken to a new page and scroll down see below the download options, from here you will download your app.

Now install your android apps,and you want to upload it google Playstore and other app stores.You can also freelancing any kinds of market place.

If you face any problem,so comment please,and join or page.Thank You.

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