How To Check Internet Speed or Router Speed


Hello friends ,Welcome to my another blog.Today we are know that,how to check internet speed.Many of us use broadband internet.But from whom we take the internet, they do not give us much time spent speed.So how do we understand, internet providers are not giving us the desired internet speed.So we can find out our internet speed by ourselves.

For this we will use a website.Click here to go that website.Through this website we can easily find out our internet speed.When we are going the website,We can see such an interface.Now you will click Go Button.

When you click on go button, you will see some such information. And the website will start checking your internet speed.

It will take some time to test your internet speed, when your internet speed test is complete you will see your internet speed.

This way you can check your internet speed.Look at the picture above. My Internet Download Speed is 36.33 Mbps and my upload speed is 58.02 Mbps.When you check internet speed, you can show your information like this.

I hope friends,you can understand,If you face any problem in this step,so comment please and share your problem our facebook page and person mail me.

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