How To Security Facebook And Other Social Media - 2019 (Cyber Security)

Faceboo And Twitter Security Tips

Hello guys,Welcome to my another blog.Today i will talk you facebook account security.Facebook account is very important to us, there are always 2 billion people active on Facebook.We have many secret information on Facebook, chatting with loved ones, secret photos or videos, which have to face a problem when others fall in hand.But how we think about our security. Everytimes Facebook account is being hacked.You all know that about 50 million Facebook user data is stolen in the USA election.Since then, Facebook has launched a lot of system for the safety of their users.Many of us know that and many do not know again.

So today we will know how we will give security to our Facebook and other social media.At first you do one thing, do not make your strangers a friend.Now Facebook has introduced a security system to lock its profiles. You keep your profile locked. Other than your Facebook friend, someone else will not see any of your profile data.

Hackers mainly take advantage of our profile data,They run cyber crime in our Facebook accounts. Example: Your Friends and family member ,Your facebook account user name, user id,date of birth etc.When our Facebook accounts are temporarily locked, Facebook shows some friends' pictures in front of us and we have to say what is a friend name here?So if you do not see anybody else in your profile, you can turn on the profile lock option.

Now the things that I will say it is the most important thing.My Facebook account gives me a simple password to keep in mind,Many people give us names or give their mobile numbers.Because of which most of our Facebook accounts are the victims of cyber crime.

So we have to be careful when giving a password. Many of us do not know how to bypass Facebook passwords. If your Facebook account password is weak, then your account will be a victim of cyber crime.When you enter the password, it is saved on the server in the MD5 hash form. If your password is weak, then it can easily be bypassed.If you make the password stronger then one of you will be safe.How do you make your Facebook account password strong?

Strong password rules is : Name + Number + Symbol + Capital letter

If you follow this rules your facebook account password is very strong and safe.Hacker don't bypass it.You also go to this site <Click Here> and check your password.And Now follow my step.

Now copying the generate hash.And we are decrypte it,And for this we will use a site <Click Here>

Now your copying hash paste here.

Now we are use strong password rules ok guys.

We could not decrypt this password but this password is very strong.In this way, if you use strong passwords in your social media, then your Internet world will be secure.

I hope you can understand facebook security system.If you face any problem,please comment and contact me.Thank you.

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