Delete Option added to Messenger-Facebook New feature News

                 Facebook New Feature News

Very Very Very good news of all facebook users.Welcome to my blog.Today I will talk you Facebook new upcoming feature .Ok , So lets go.

Someone in the facebook messenger you wrote some wrong message? Don't worry You have 10 minutes in hand.

Facebook new upcoming unsend feature has given the opportunity to delete messages after messaging it.

After you sending the wrong message,you can click you wrong message, facebook messenger show you two options after pressing the message.

 1. First option see you One will only show the delete issue for yourself(Remove for you).
 2. And second Option Remove for everyone.

Previously this facebook feature's information was leaked. This feature launch on facebook,And this time it's published on Facebook.(Information Collect:
The Verges)



Then show one popup window you see that ,If you select the necessary item from here, it will be deleted and you deleted it.
Last year of April of 2018, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg deleted some old messages sent to facebook Messenger.
After the release, Facebook's 'Unsend' feature rumored.

Although Mark Zuckerberg had the chance to delete his messages,but ordinary users did not chance have the advantage.
Some facebook user complain against discrimination against Facebook.Because of which Facebook decided to turn on the unsends option.

Coming Soon this feature is available on iOS and Android on Facebook Messenger.

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