Top 6 Way To Create High Quality Backlinks For Your Website To Rank On Google

Create High Quality Backlinks For Your Website To Rank On Google

how to create high quality backlink
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To create high quality back links, most bloggers and affiliate marketers struggle too much.Those who write a lot more articles on their website.They are working on Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing on their website.Because we all know that if we can create high quality back links, our website will come very fast in Google ranking.Most bloggers and owners failed to create high quality back links.At one time they became frustrated, and gradually the end of their blogging career.If you want to build high quality back links for your blog / website,This content will help you very well.Today I will share 6 tips that you can use to bring your website to Google Rank.You will see a new horizon in your blogging career.So guys,how to create high quality bank link and rank google first page?So guys let's know that.

  • Guest Blogging : First Strategy is the Guest Blogging.You first have to understand the guest blogging.Guest blogging is that you have to write articles on any other blog.Example : Suppose 10 people have blogs, the topic of which you publish the article, they write the same articles on their blog.Then you will contact them. And you will share your wishes with those blog owners.And tell them, you want to publish content as a guest on their blog.You can write content on those blogs.Then the owners of those blogs will give your identity and your website's link, at the bottom of your posted content.This way you will get a back link.Write on a topic, the topic of which is working on the fans of all those blogs,and they benefit them.And for a while, fan / regular fans of those bloggers will become fans of your blog.This way you can write in different blogs.This way you will get a strong back link, and your website will come to Google ranking.(Warning : Select your website related website,try to publish content to those topic related websites.).A website owner is writing on another website, it is called guest blogging.

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  • Profile Back link Build : Another great way to build high quality back links is to create profile back links.What is Profile back link? There are thousands of websites online, in which websites you can open an account.You can add your information by visiting that account's profile.Your name, date of birth, can be linked to your website.Your interest, what are you doing,You can add everything.One of the biggest examples is the Facebook page, on the facebook page, you can add all your information to the about section.How long have you been blogging, writing articles? all everything you can add easily.Facebook is a great platform.All time active user is 2 Billion.You can create a page in the name of your website on Facebook.And moreover You can also create a back link profile on Twitter.In the same way you can create back links with  youtube for your website.Moreover, you will find many sites online, where you can create your website profile.This way you can create a strong profile back link, for your website.(Warning : Do not create profile back links to all types of websites.Just create profile back links in your articles related to the website )

  • Free Content/Gift/Product Published : To create high quality back links, So share free product / gift your visitor,it's most important.Suppose you can design a good logo, so you can design a few logos and publish it for your visitors.Moreover you know better Android coding, you can share your coding with your visitors Or you have some templates / themes / plugins that you have designed, share these with your visitors.As a result,they will be love and sincere you.They will be happy, share your content social media.This way you will always get a good traffic on your website.Moreover, if you can not create good designs or anything else, you can create some resources with others.

  • Do-Follow Back Link : The four tips are, do-follow back links.You can link to other website owners, website links, your website.You do not need to contact them, you can back link their website to your website.There are an internal feature on WordPress websites, ping back.If someone gives you back links, you will get a notification.In this way, when you give back link to others, a notification will be sent to them.They will also give you back links which will help you to google rank and grow your website.In this way you can get back links with back links.

  • Giving Testimonial : When you work online, you can buy product from different market places, at different times.Such software, tools, templates have been sold.From all the websites you purchase such product / product of any type, give them a testimonial.Like every company, get a testimonial from every customers.Give a positive review of the tools or products you have purchased.When you review their product, those companies will publish your reviews on their website.They will publish their website with links to your website.This way you can get a back link.On different types of websites, you will see that they have published their customer reviews.

  • Published Long List Resource Post : Everyone needs different types of resources.If you want to learn about designing, you will need different kinds of resources or if you want to develop a computer related program or app, you will need some software and tools.Just like you want to start blogging, you will need different kinds of resources for that.Example : You can catch this post as an example. In my post, I have shared different types of tips.Just like you will share different kinds of resources on your website. Those visitors will come to your website.Share your topic related resources to your website.I have said a while ago, about profile back link shares,You can help your visitors find profile back link websites, you can help them.You can publish your profile back link websites with Google Search, publish it for your visitors.You will share long list resources. And your visitors will be able to collect the necessary resources from there.These types of resources have lots of posts in social media.Such posts are shared in many social media.

If you follow the above six tips, you will undoubtedly have the success of your blogging career.And try to write your content in the 1500-2000 word.

So guys,you will face any problem in this step,so comment please and join our facebook page.If you want to share your problem personally,so please sent me a mail .

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