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How To Fix Windows Brightness Problem

Hello guys welcome to my another blog.Today's  topic is windows  10 and 8 brightness problem.

After giving the operating system to our computer, we are face multiple problems, that brightness is not reduced. 
Especially this problem is the most in Windows 10.Today I will show you how to solve that problem.

This problem is due to the fact that due to our drivers are not updated / installed. Many times Windows files are missing.Because of which we have faced various problems at different times.

Today we will solve this problem very easily, there is no reason to tension about it. It's a very simple one.

how to fix windows 10 brightness problem
Windows Brightness Problem

So let's start guys.Please Follow my step.

Step-1 : At fist take your mouse over the Windows icon and then right-click your mouse button.After clicking the right button, you will see a lot of options in front of you
You can then click on Device Manager Options.Then a window will appear in front of you.

windows 10 brightness problem
windows 10 brightness problem

computer brightness problem
Device Manager

windows 10 brightness problem
Display adaptor image

Step-2 : You can then click on Display adapter option. After clicking, you will see the option of Intel HD Graphics. Then you can click on the option of Intel HD Graphics.After clicking on the option you will see a small pop up window.

windows 10 brightness problem
Display Adaptor Image

computer brightness problem
Intel HD Graphics

computer brightness problem
Inter Graphics Driver

Step-3 :Then you will see 5 options in that window. Now you will have to click on the driver option.After going to the driver option you will see all the details of your driver. And there you will see 5 more options. Then from those 5 options you can click on the Update Driver option.
When you click the Update Driver option, you will show a new pop-up window next to it.The pop-up window will be written in.......How do you want to search for drivers?

1.Search automatically for update driver software.
2.Browser my computer for driver software.

Now you can click option 1 (Search automatically for update driver software),Then your driver will start with the update. And when you are finished with the update of your driver, you can reduce your computer's brightness.

how to fix computer brightness problem
Intel Graphics driver

how to solve computer brightness problem
Intel graphics driver image

windows 10 brightness problem

I hope you understand.Please forgive me if there is a mistake.
Thank You.


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