Bitcoin Scamming Site List 2019

Bitcoin Scamming Site List 2019

Hello guys,welcome to my another blog.Today I will discuss an important issue with you.Please read carefully.There are many people inside us who invest Bitcoin.Many of them get the payment, but much less than what they invest. Investing 500$ doller, we get the highest payment two times, even if only $100-$150, then no more payment. The dollars are lost. Did you know that in 2018 only more than 22,000 scamming sites were launched.
Inside 70% of the scam sites are Bitcoin Investment Websites.I will tell you about one scamming website every day.

how to check bitcoin scamming site
Bitcoin Scamming Site

Today I will discuss with you a Bitcoin scamming site. There are many people who do not know this site scamming. Many of them are working on this scamming site.

None of them know that working on this site will not be able to pay you.Then take a look at the scamming site.

The site name is .This site is a scamming site. When you work on this site, when you are logged in, this site will use your computer's CPU's power to mining it.You can understand a little more detail about the site before you.

You can signup this site if you have a Bitcoin Wallet address.

First they will give you some hits, and in front of this you will see some images, click on those images, click on them, they will give you some BTC.

This way you are still logged in to their site. With this opportunity they will earn their own income using CPU power of your computer and they will show some of their ads.In this way they earn from you.

They do not make any payments to you.I will show you the payment rating of this site.Very easily you can know which site is scamming or legit.You can search your search engine Btcsmash review.You will get your answer.

All of these scam site owners pay some money to YouTuber's and facebook page admin and they are say that their site is good and promotes the scamming site.I will say this one more day.Please everyone alert.After knowing then do the work.

bitcoin scamming checking
bitcoin Scamming image

bitcoin scamming checker
bitcoin scamming review

So guys,i hope you can understand.Everyone will be good to stay healthy.


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