Increase The Speed Of Android Phone .Top Secret Tips - 2019

                  Android Mobile Secret Tips

Most of the people around the world use Android mobile.But many of us do not know much about the Android operating system.Today, I will share 7 tips with you for how to properly handle your Android phone. I hope you will get a lot of benefits.

1. Download Widgets Apps : You can use the Widgets to set the home screen for you. You can bring your favorite items to the home screen using the widget.Select the option from the main app launcher to decorate the home screen.By doing so you can easily find the Apps you need very easily.And you can do one more thing that is very important for you, you can save some of your very important mobile numbers in widgets.You can find it very easily during your time.

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2.Turn On Auto - Update Options : Keep your mobile phone running fast Auto update options.As a result, the software on your mobile phone will get updates on time.As a result, your mobile is working very fast.And for your security, you will continue the Google Play Protect option. Then your mobile will not install any harmful software.It will keep you safe your android device.To turn on the automatic updates option on your mobile, you go to your mobile's settings option, get a box Auto Update. get a box called Auto Update.

3.Google Now : You can install Google Now app on your mobile.So you can learn a lot. Example: You are standing in a bus stop or train station. The app will tell you when your bus or train arrives.However, for the train time schedule should be online.Moreover, it will tell you about all the events.

4.Use Application - Share : If you use this application, what you write will automatically be shared in your social media.This allows you to post without having to enter your social media.. This will not ruin your precious time.This allows you to post without having to enter your social media.

5. Dowload Map App : If this app is installed on your mobile, there will be no problem finding your location even if you do not have internet.

6. Use App For Remote Wipe : There is no Android Mobile Remote Apps. Download this app now.If this app is installed on your mobile, you will be benefit greatly. If you lose your mobile, the information on your mobile will be left to someone else.You can remotely delete all the information on your mobile phone.So do not delay now install this app.

7.Delete Junk File : These tips are the most important. All of us face a problem. That's when our storage space of our mobile is empty and the storage space is full.This is because the additional junk file occupies place on your Storage.For this, you have to clear the cache files of your mobile all apps playstores downloaded.How to clear cache files.First you have access to your mobile settings options. then you can see Apps / Applications Options.Now go to Apps options ,and select your apps,The app that you want to clear the data.Then you can see new page,and you can see two options,you can click Manage and clear cache options.That's it.Now check your SD-card and Internal Storage is 700 MB - 1 GB free.

Information Collected : Times Magazine.

If you face any problem,so comment please and share the tips your friends.Thank You.

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